Re-pointing is the process of carefully removing
deteriorated or cracked mortar from Brick or Stone
Masonry joints and replacing with fresh Mortar.  This
fresh mortar must be carefully mixed in order to
achieve similar chemical and structural properties as
the original Mortar.  The deteriorated Mortar is usually
ground down to a depth of 1/2" to 3/4" depending upon
the width of the joint, the type of Masonry,and the level
of deterioration .  
Re-pointing  should never be used as
a structural repair method.  Loose Brick or Stone should
be removed and replaced or re-installed.  The purpose
of this procedure is to ensure that water does not enter
the Masonry and damage its integrity or any structural
elements behind it.  
Re-pointing is an essential
maintenance operation that should be performed by a
trained Restoration Mason.  When done properly this
procedure will not only enhance the beauty of the
Structure,but will ensure its functionality for
generations to come.
Pointing is the
process of finishing
joints in Masonry
with Mortar when the
work is originally
being done.
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Brick,Stone,Granite,Limestone,Sandstone, and
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Tuck-pointing consists of a flush Mortar joint with a protruding mortar
line running through each joint.  Mortar is sponged over the Brick to a
smooth finish.  A sealer is then applied with coloring to lift the color in
the Bricks,  The walls are then marked with chalk to identify where the
tuck-pointing will be applied.  Masking tape is put on the Wall and white
mortar is troweled over.  While still wet the tape is removed to leave a
thin line 2-3 mm wide.