Due to exposure to the elements,usage,and the
passage of time,Bricks and Mortar eventually
show signs of wear.  Depending upon the degree
of deterioration different types of repairs are
required.  Timely maintenance of your Chimney
structure will ensure years of uninterrupted safe
enjoyment, and will enhance the value of your
The face off the brick may shale or
fall Off left unattended,these bricks
continue to deteriorate and entire
bricks may fall out of the Chimney.  
To prevent continued deterioration
and to avoid future costly repairs.       
                to determine the reason for
the chimney deterioration.
Crown Repairs
The Crown is the cement slab at the
top of a Masonry Chimney.  Crown
repairs range from minor Crown
seals to complete Crown rebuilds.  
If deterioration is left unattended it
will eventually lead to damage to
the Chimney structure beneath.
Flashing Repairs
The Flashing is the strip of lead or
sometimes metal that joins the
base of the Chimney to the roof.  
The Flashing prevents water from
penetrating this joint and seeping
into your house.
Water repellent
Whether your house was built one or one hundred
years ago,the bricks and mortar are exposed to the
damaging effects of rain,snow and wind.  Chimney
saver is a water repellent applied to the exterior
Chimney structure.  It provides a layer of protection
against the damaging effects of rain and snow
however,it must be understood that this water
barrier is not a substitute for needed Masonry
repairs such as tuck pointing or rebuilding.  Jay
Rowe Masonry Restoration can apply this coating
to any Chimney
Firebox repair
The Firebox is the part of fireplace
where the wood is placed to make a
If your Firebox has cracked bricks
or deteriorated mortar joints,
repoint or rebuild your firebox with
new fire brick and high temperature
refractory mortar,thereby restoring
the structural integrity of this
important part of your fireplace
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